Oceans MTS IEEE 2015

Riptide Autonomous Solutions was proud to be at the Oceans MTS IEEE ’15 event in Washington, D.C. We want to thank those of you who visited our President and CEO, Jeff Smith, while at the event. We are looking forward to getting more information out on our exciting new products like the Micro-UUV.

The topic for Oceans ’15 was Sea Change: Dive into Opportunity and we think we live up to that very well at Riptide. The Riptide Micro-UUV is an answer to oceanic technology, policy, and research changes and represents a tangible way to adapt to these changes. To read more about the low cost, versatile, and tiny Micro-UUV click here. You can read more about the successful Oceans ’15 event at their website here.

Riptide Oceans MTS IEEE

Riptide Oceans 15 booth