Riptide Micro-Mini UUV

Riptide Micro-Mini UUV Man Portable


Recently, Riptide has been running it’s Micro-Mini UUV, the smallest version of it’s industry changing Micro UUV. Called the football around the lab, it was first run in September 2016 with amazing results. It’s made trips to Virginia, Hawaii, and most recently completed 2 days of flawless test runs to improve the control tuning of the Micro-Mini vehicle. With it’s small size the control authority from it’s fins, a design shared by the Riptide Micro UUV, allows extremely tight maneuvering while being extremely power efficient. The Micro-Mini runs a single frequency side scan sonar, the Scout Lite made by Atlas, and has proven to be the perfect payload for the amazingly small, man-portable vehicle. This configuration will offer a full day of run time while collecting side scan data and shares the same depth rating as the Micro UUV. You can read more about the Riptide Micro UUV here.


Riptide Micro-Mini UUV Underwater