Riptide + Open Water Power



Riptide Autonomous Solutions is a proud partner of Open Water Power, who has developed a novel aluminum-water platform technology for undersea power generation. Invented and patented by Open Water’s founders at MIT, their electrochemical system provides safe, scalable & non-toxic energy storage with extremely high energy density, promising a 10x improvement in the endurance of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) and sensors. Open Water and Riptide are working to integrate this battery technology into Riptide’s Micro-UUV. What will this new capability mean for the Micro-UUV?


With Riptide’s traditional, safe alkaline-battery power source the Micro-UUV can be run for 30 hours at 2 knots, for a range of just under 60 miles.  With Open Water’s technology powering Riptide’s Micro-UUV it is conceivable for the Micro-UUV to cover 1,000 miles without the need for recharging or refueling. With this energy density, a Micro-UUV, 34 inches long and weighing 20 lbs., can be deployed by a single person from a dock or coast line and be able to reach locations that today require expensive off-shore manned support.


Please visit Open Water Power to learn more about their technology. For more information about the small, highly cusomizable Riptide Micro-UUV, click here.