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A 1000 nautical mile UUV may sound like fiction, but Riptide is making this a reality through their partnership with Open Water Power, producer of an extremely high energy density and safe aluminium seawater battery. Riptide’s Micro UUV already features best in class endurance – 48 hours running at 2-3 knots […]

The 1000 Nautical Mile UUV

  Recently, Riptide has been running it’s Micro-Mini UUV, the smallest version of it’s industry changing Micro UUV. Called the football around the lab, it was first run in September 2016 with amazing results. It’s made trips to Virginia, Hawaii, and most recently completed 2 days of flawless test runs […]

Riptide Micro-Mini UUV

Pembroke, MA (July 30, 2016) – Riptide Autonomous Solutions has shipped six Micro-UUVs to the US Navy. The unmanned undersea vehicles are configured with a dry payload volume that will enable rapid payload development and demonstration and allow the Navy to test various new sensor systems with these small flexible […]

Riptide Ships Six More Micro-UUVs to US Navy

Pembroke, MA (March 29, 2016) – Riptide Autonomous Solutions has completed the delivery of its first three production Micro-UUVs to SPAWAR Systems Center – Pacific. The unmanned undersea vehicles are configured with a flooded payload module that will enable rapid payload development and demonstration. Riptide’s first product is the Micro-UUV, […]

Riptide Makes First Micro-UUV Production Delivery

Riptide Autonomous Solutions was proud to be at the Oceans MTS IEEE ’15 event in Washington, D.C. We want to thank those of you who visited our President and CEO, Jeff Smith, while at the event. We are looking forward to getting more information out on our exciting new products […]

Oceans MTS IEEE 2015

Micro UUV
Wondering what the Micro-UUV looks like? Check out these Micro-UUV photos by the dock. There are two models here, one that has an integrated side scan sonar while the other has a completely internal dry payload. The side scan sonar is an ARC SCOUT provided by Marine Sonic Technology, a small and […]

Micro-UUV Photos

SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific has placed an order for three Micro-UUV’s. See what the Micro-UUV is all about here. You can read more about the business opportunity here.    

Micro-UUV Procurement

We were lucky enough to be visited by Peter Atkinson of SEAPOWER Magazine at the ONR Pax River demoes. The two weeks of demos at Pax River was a great event and it was even better to see the interest from students as well as industry and government leaders. Take […]

Pax River 2015